About us

Department of Man–Machine Interaction  (MMI) is one of the departments of New Technologies Research Centre (NTC) of University of West Bohemia.

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The department was established at the beginning of 2016 by joining two research teams, one focused on modelling and monitoring of human body, the later on interdisciplinary research of new technologies.

The creation of a new department was motivated by the effort to build a team with professional competence in technology, engineering, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. Such a team creates a solid base for an interdisciplinary approach towards various issues of man-machine interaction. We focus both on theoretical and experimental research of emerging technologies which are becoming an integral part of our society, culture and human body as well.

Besides the research activities, the department also organizes educational events emphasizing interdisciplinary aspects and open dialog across multiple disciplines and research areas. Among them, a regular Interdisciplinary Seminary and an annual four-day conference in Nečtiny is worth mentioning. We also held interdisciplinary congress Beyond AI (2011, 2012 a 2013) and in 2001–2011 annual events within Summer philosophical school called Meditations on the foundations of science.

The logo of IDA symbolizes four realms – computer science, engineering, biology, mathematics – embedded within what they all aim at in our work – human. It is then enriched by the metaphor of the well-known Mori's Uncanny Valley curve expressing a hypothesis about man-machine affinity. Our logo thus holistically symbolizes what we do.

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