About the HCENAT project

The project builds up a new international research partnership in the field of Human Cognitive Enhancement (HCE) and it will provide clear and accessible HCE-related analysis, guidelines and directions for policymakers, stakeholders, HCE engineers and consumers. Its goal is to create a philosophically grounded, open and transparent framework for description, assessment and forecast of acceptability of HCE systems in public space and by society, as well as for HCE governance issues. The project comprises and links together very diverse range of disciplines and methods such as technology assessment, ethics, logic, set theory, philosophy of science, philosophy of medicine, cognitive science, psychology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and speech technologies. The project also follows Epstein’s meta-methodological manifesto of transformative humanities. The outcomes of the project will be presented to the academic community primarily in the form of reviewed scientific publications and reports. They will propose a formal approach to redefinition of naturalness and its role for HCE; they will summarize ethical issues of HCE, including new formal ethical approaches; the role of therapeutic vs. enhancement interventions of HCE, including possibilities of Health Technology Assessment of HCE systems; analysis of regulatory and governance needs in the field of HCE; Quality of Life and neurobehavioral study in the patients after total laryngectomy using a speech HCE system, including elaboration of methods for rapid speech conservation of the patients prior to their radical surgery; and experimental results of neurobehavioral, cognitive and psychological effects of a visual HCE system on its human users. The framework for HCE acceptability assessment will be also presented in a transparent and accessible form of decision-making directions and regulatory/governance recommendations in two main reports delivered by the project. An important outcome of the project is also a publicly accessible HCE Knowledge Base.