Eva Žáčková: K čemu konvergují nové technologie? [CZ]

K čemu konvergují nové technologie?By the end of 2015, Eva Žáčková published a monograph "K čemu konvergují nové technologie?" (which translates from CZ as "Where do the new technologies converge?").

Publisher: Západočeská univerzita v Plzni (University of West Bohemia in Pilsen)
Year: 2015
ISBN:978-80-261-0574-9 (paperback), 978-80-261-0600-5 (e-book)

The book is focused on the new emerging and converging technologies and their philosophical reflection based on ideas coming from the new transformative humanities proposed by Mikhail Epstein and from the Czech philosopher Milan Machovec's  philosophy of dialog. An elaboration of existential dialogue through the transhumanist discourse of converging technologies on the level of humanity as a whole is the main contribution of the book, primarily to the fields of philosophy of dialog and academic transhumanism.