International workshop: Should we fund human cognitive enhancement research?

Should we fund human cognitive enhancement research?
RRI for human cognitive enhancement: a case study

International workshop

Venue: Fritjof Nansen, Norway House, Rue Archimède 17, Brussels
13th January, 2017, 12.00-16.30

  • In what way could research policy actively engage in the area of human cognitive enhancement (HCE)?
  • Can strategic funding of select areas of HCE be used to address societal challenges, such as health, ageing, better learning and increased productivity?
  • How might responsible research and innovation (RRI) be used to inform such a funding approach?

These are some of the questions that were addressed in an international workshop on HCE governance organised by the Czech-Norwegian funded HCENAT (Naturalness in Human Cognitive Enhancement) project. Human cognitive enhancement applications and technologies have the potential to address significant societal challenges, ranging from ageing and well-being to increased economic competitiveness. At the same time, there are considerable ethical and social implications of HCE that warrant deliberation and discussion.

During the workshop, the project Human Cognitive Enhancement: New Issues (HCENI, 7F16008) supported by the Initiative for bilateral Czech-Norwegian cooperation has been presented as well. 

HCENAT workshop
Workshop at Brussels (2017).