Polomnožiny a emergence v umělé inteligenci

Romportl, J. (2016): Polomnožiny a emergence v umělé inteligenci. Filosofický časopis 4/2016. ISSN 0015-1831 

Abstract: The principle of emergence is, today, a key paradigm in the area of the development of systems of artificial intelligence. This article sketches the prospects for tackling emergence in artificial intelligence using Vopěnka’s alternative set theory applied to a model of interaction between two causal domains. Starting from the relations between semiset σ- a π- classes grounding naturally-infinite causal domains, it is shown why in emergent systems one cannot adequately explain relations between interacting domains, and that a key aspect of emergence is natural infinity. In addition, the article briefly proposes the possibility of a causal description of emergent systems with the help of Vopěnka’s monad defined by a relation of indiscernibility.