Report on Health Aspects of Augmented Reality Glasses

In relation to the experiments with smartglasses which we did under Naturalness in Human Cognitive Enhancement (HCENAT) project, we also examined the healt issues connected to these devices. You can read about our findings in the Report on Health Aspects of Augmented Reality Glasses.

The technology used in AR glasses may pose a certain risk to human health, which should not be underestimated. 

The concerns about the wearables arises mainly from the fact, that they are used in various unprecedented scenarios that might introduce new, unknown harm and disruption. In addition, a lack of standardization for this type of devices leaves the consumers unprotected, which is especially disturbing in case of children who are currently not limited in their access to the devices by any authority except their parents. 

Report on Health Issues of AR GlassesEva Zackova and Dusan Haustein
Man-Machine Interaction Department
New Technologies – Research Centre
University of West Bohemia in Pilsen
Report on Health Aspects of Augmented Reality Glasses