Virtual model for prevention, therapy, and rehabilitation of shoulder complex pathologies

From October 1 2016 until August 31 2019, one of our research groups is involved in project Virtual model for prevention, therapy and rehabilitation of shoulder complex pathologies supported by Program for cross-border cooperation of Free State of Bavaria – Czech Republic („Cíl EÚS, ERDF“).

Our society faces significant changes. Depending on aging population, the number of diseases is still increasing. The new sophisticated approaches in orthopedics are required to maintain the healthy and active lifestyle till the old age.

The main aim of this project is to find the new methods of prevention, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation of shoulder complex pathologies. The optimal procedures will be evaluated based on simulations using the virtual musculoskeletal human body model. The model will be scalable and thus, it will be easily adaptable to every patient. The model will be validated by real EMG data and MRI images. Model development will be also supported by a number of clinical studies and medical expertise. Respecting the specific aim of program, the project supports the cross-border activities in the field of research and innovation. Except the main aims, the project plans next results such as a cross-border consortium, the optimization algorithm using the muscle activity for biomechanical computation, semiautomatic toll for MRI recognition, etc.

The project ensures the close transnational cooperation of several scientific groups - Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg, New Technologies – Research Centre (department Man-Machine Interaction) and Faculty of applied scientist (department of Cybernetics) at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and ARTOS Gemeinschaftspraxis. The total project budget is 601 thousand Euro (after rounding). Of which, the 85% is cover by EU financial support („Cíl EÚS, ERDF“).